Reimagine with Generative AI

We provide consulting services in Generative AI to help you shape the future of your industry.

  • Intent identification
    Enhance service by understanding customer intents, optimizing interactions for personalized and effective engagement.
  • Customer assistance
    Assit the customer before and after transaction with natural language, providing a new, frictionless user experience.
  • Semantic search
    Empower users with intelligent search capabilities, leveraging generative AI for more accurate and context-aware results.
  • Knowledge copilot
    Navigate complex tasks effortlessly with generative AI serving as a knowledgeable copilot, augmenting productivity and decision-making.
  • Content creation
    Revolutionize content development, utilizing generative AI to produce tailored and compelling texts, images, code and charts with ease.
  • Agent automation
    Boost efficiency with process automation powered by generative AI, streamlining work and improving overall operational performance.

A customer experience unlike anything in the industry

We create AI experiences that transform the way customers interact with brands. Natural, immediate, and frictionless.

Driving solutions from Concept to Impact

We bring expertise in training and deploying large language models (LLM).

  • Model selection
    Evaluate different architectures considering model size, data security requirements and service model (cloud, on-prem, edge).
  • Fine-tuning
    Enhance the model's performance for specific tasks by training on high quality data on top of the base model's pre-training.
  • Knowledge injection
    Give models access to documents and databases to allow them to work with company-specific, trusted, up-to-date information.
  • Multi-agent orchestration
    Orchestrate multiple generative AI agents with specialized capabilities to build complex, interconnected systems.
  • Alignment & safety
    Align models with your brand guidelines, tone, purpose, and boundaries to guarantee responsible and ethical AI.
  • Reinforcement learning
    Improve your models through experience and user feedback iteratively, helping them perform better over time.
  • Model observability
    Implement a monitoring system to control the model's behavior, performance metrics, and safety threats.
  • Synthetic data
    Augment your proprietary data with public datasets, synthetic data, and RLHF (reinforcement learning from user feedback).

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