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We are the consulting firm specialized in Generative AI, Big Data, and Cloud, that accelerates the most ambitious companies in the world.

Experts from end to end

We accompany you from the initial design to scaled operations in critical environments with millions of users.

  • Design & Architecture
    We design cost-efficient, auto-scalable data architectures based on serverless and Kubernetes, among other technologies.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Personalization algorithms, forecasting, dynamic pricing, purchasing, and production in complex environments.
  • Orchestration & Monitoring
    Task orchestration in Airflow and Dagster, logging, and monitoring of data systems in Kibana, Grafana, and others.
  • Datalake & Business Intelligence
    We build data lakes and BI systems on S3, BigQuery, Databricks, Snowflake, Redshift, Datastore, Synapse, etc.
  • Large Language Models
    Model training and fine-tuning for automating actions, content search, and generation.
  • DataOps & Infrastructure
    We take care of configuring environments and deployments with Terraform, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, and other cutting-edge technologies.
  • Data Integration & ETL
    We develop ETL with DBT, PySpark, and Python, and integrate systems through APIs and messaging platforms like Kafka, Pub/Sub, Kinesis, etc.
  • Streaming & Low Latency
    We build high-volume, low-latency systems with Kafka, DuckDB, MongoDB, BigTable, and other technologies.
  • Audit & Training
    Our expertise allows us to audit and act on third-party code, stabilize critical systems, and train teams.

Tech stack

We work with the latest technologies for clients of any size, from startups to large multinational corporations.


We adapt to your needs

We provide exceptional technical and business talent to tackle the most complex challenges.

  • Customized projects
    Customized projects
    Projects are tailored to your needs, timelines, and costs.
    We create multidisciplinary project teams with experts in Big Data, AI, DevOps, Development, and Business.
  • Staff augmentation
    Staff augmentation
    We integrate our talent into your teams as consultants.
    Ideal for enhancing team capabilities and coordination, providing specialized knowledge.
  • Architect as a service
    Architect as a service
    We provide senior architects on demand, on an hourly basis.
    Individuals with vision and experience operating in highly complex environments and executing transformations.
  • Discovery workshops
    Discovery workshops
    We organize team co-creation activities.
    They allow identifying opportunities in AI and data, mapping digital strategy, devising innovations, or promoting data culture.

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